Our Success Stories


Jeremy asked us to help him find a job and to support him in some of his social activities. He had previously worked in grocery stores in Florida when he lived there. When he moved here the only option he was offered was a workshop. Jeremy indicated he wanted a job close to where he lives, and he would even ride his bike to work if needed! We went to work and found him a job at a local supermarket where he had both an interest and experience.


Kaley asked us to help her find a job in the community and to become a companion in her social activities. One of her challenges is that she lives in a pretty remote area so finding a job and getting out and about can be challenging. NEPA Inclusive was able to help & According to her supervisors and co-workers, Kaley is a valued member of the team and works extremely hard at her job.


Christopher recently finished high school. With the help of NEPA Inclusive, Christopher is working full time & making almost double minimum wage. Congratulations on passing your driving test Chris!


Chris needed a job for income as he does not qualify for other types of support. We helped him obtain a job as a Customer Service Representative and Inventory Specialist. He was re-entering the work force after some time off. There were some matters to resolve in transitioning to employment which we helped him overcome. We found him a job at a local store and reports that his job is a very positive part of his life now.


Matthew wanted to work in a supermarket and indicated that he would like to work close to his home. We helped Matthew find what he was looking for. He really enjoys working and has been happily employed for 13 months. We also provide companion services for Matthew.


With our help, Tom found a job at a local McDonald's where he works as a Custodian. He lives in his own apartment and walks or takes public transportation to work.


We asked Paul what his dream job would be. He stated Best Buy or HHGregg. He enjoyed working with electronics since he was a child. With the help of NEPA Inclusive Paul was hired at HHGregg.


Michael is doing a worked based learning experience (WBLE) at O-Town.


Having a love of sports and youth development, Brendan selected a Work Based Learning Experience (a type of internship) at the Berwick YMCA. There, he is helping with the youth disability and youth sports programs.


Daniel wanted to work at a pizza shop. With our help, Daniel has been employed for over 12 months at a pizza and hoagie restaurant near his home. He reports to really enjoy where he works and what he does. Management has stated, Daniel is a great addition to the team.


Anthony is working at My Sister's Kitchen in Duryea


Roxie and her artwork, all done by hand.


Jonathan is relaxing at his own apartment. More About Jonathan


Jesse started working this week at MVP Sports Academy. He is eager and excited to be a part of their team! More About Jesse


Ellie Enjoying and utilizing her photography skills. More About Ellie

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NEPA Inclusive is a provider of services for people with disabilities who have a ‘Waiver for Service’ through the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP). We provide In-Home and Community Supports, Companion Services, Supported Employment, and Supported Living Services.

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