Ellie's Success Story

Ellie has Down Syndrome, but she doesn’t let that stop her living an inclusive life.

Ellie, who has Down Syndrome, graduated from Pittston Area high school with honors, was crowned as their Prom Queen in her senior year, was the manager for the girl’s basketball team and even palyed in the varsity games, including the teams All-Star Game scoring 12 points. Ellie currently lives at home with her mother, brother and sister.

Ellie has self-identified three areas of interest. Through Job Shadowing, she decided to focus on photography. Ellie has completed a Work Based Learning Experience (WBLE) with WVIA, working with their head photographer, Neil. Through this WBLE, Ellie learned how to edit photos, resize images, improve light effects and contrast, savign and uploading photos, among other useful photography skills. Ellie has had the opportunity to take photographs of their local events like family days and kids days at Knoebels amusement park and Montage Mountain waterpark. Ellie had taken photos of families with characters at these events as well as capturing family moments. Ellie has photographed Reggie ‘Mr. October’ Jackson at the Little League World Series as part of the WVIA Team. WVIA has extended an invitation to Ellie to utilize her photography skills at future events.

Ellie is currently enrolled in an Audio Visual Program and hopes to continue learning and developing her photography skills through OVR and NEPA Inclusive. Ellie is currently working as a summer intern, working on job development at the Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce. At the Chamber of Commerce, Ellie does tasks such as clerical work, filing, emails, copies, preparing the board room for meetings, brochures, and uses Microsoft Office.


transition inclusive

Ellie was a student who received Transitional Supports through NEPA Inclusive to help her transition from school into a job doing something she loves.

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