Transition Inclusive

Transition Planning is a vital process where a student plans for their life after high school. We want to be there along the way to help set the plan in place and assist the student in both the employment process as well as their plan after high school. We can be engaged by the student or the school district in this process.

Our Transition Employment services include directly working with high school students and as vendors with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) to provide employment development services. As a Pre-Employment Transitional Services (PETS) vendor with OVR, we provide Job Shadowing, On-The-Job-Training, Community Based Work Assessments (CBWA), Work Based Learning Experience(WBLE), and Discovery Customizable Employment. We also offer Transition Academy, a curriculum based program that is delivered in schools throughout the region. All of these services are blended together as a strategy pointing towards the vocation of your choice upon graduation.

Our Transition Inclusive services help High School students, ages 14 through graduating from or aging-out of high school up to age 21, achieve the employment skills necessary to be successful in competitive, integrated and customizable employment . These services can be delivered in a developmental format or individually based upon each individuals needs.

Our Transition Academy course is designed to help teach students about self-advocacy, independent living, and pre-employment skills in a fun and innovative way. This group program is delivered in a classroom style setting, where group work and hands on learning encourage participants to learn from each other as well as from the materials designed specifically for them. This program is offered in a 16 session format as well as a condensed summer camp style format. The curriculum taught for this course has been approved by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Job Shadowing allows the participant to observe various jobs in order to determine what type of job interests them. Our staff accompanies the participant to these jobs and helps explain the job tasks to help the participant understand all that goes into the job. This can be done prior to Work Based Learning Experience so that you are more comfortable with the type of job you want to pursue in the future.

Work Based Learning Experiences are paid work experiences with support from a Job Coach. You determine the type of work you would like to pursue and we find you a location that fits your needs and schedule. Under the supervision of a Job Coach, you perform the work for up to 90 hours to complete the WBLE. Sometimes a WBLE can lead to a permanent job with the employer after the 90 hour WBLE is completed. Additional WBLEs can be offered (one per school year) and sometimes additional job finding can occur after the WBLE is completed.

Community Based Work Assessments provide an assessment of your skills and abilities to perform various types of work. We begin with a discussion of the types of jobs you would like to possibly pursue and have you perform 3 or 4 of these types of jobs for approximately 4-5 hours each. While performing the jobs, we are observing your skills and abilities. A full assessment report is provided to OVR based on our findings. In most cases, this leads to additional employment services authorized based on your interested and abilities.

Discovery and Customized Employment

Discovery is an alternative vocational assessment that provides information needed to determine the strengths, conditions for success, and interests of the person. The outcome of Discovery is a customized profile of the person that represents the best qualities and qualifications of the person to help in the job seeking process. It differs from traditional vocational assessments in that it uses positive descriptive language and shows relevant skills, conditions for success, and interests of the job seeker. This “person-centered” approach leads to Customizable Employment for the person with a disability.

Our staff are certified in Discovery by Marc Gold & Associates, who are nationally known for training and delivery in Discovery Profiles and Customizable Employment.

Discovery is the first step for those who have thought in the past that employment isn’t an option. It leads to job finding and job support in a different way than traditional employment. Let us help you achieve your dream of employment and support you living inclusively in the community.


PA Inclusive is a Vendor with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and provides OVR Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS) and adult employment services through both OVR and the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP).