Participant-Directed Services

Participant-Directed Services (PDS) allow you to:

  • Self-Direct your supports and services
  • Manage your services through your ID Waiver
  • Choose the mix of supports and services that best fits your needs.
  • Determines when and how you receive those supports and services.
  • Choose the staff and organizations who provide services to you.
  • Choose all or some of your services.

The end result is YOU have more say in how you live your life.

What is a Supports Broker?

  • Certified and trained person who can assist you to organize your supports through PDS.
  • Assists in the ‘employer related functions’ of managing your services.
  • Assists in developing and managing your budget and choosing the services you need to fit in your budget.
  • Works together with you and your Supports Coordinator to help you make choices so you can enjoy the life you want.

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PA Inclusive is a provider of services for people with disabilities who have a ‘Waiver for Service’ through the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP). We provide In-Home and Community Supports, Companion Services, Supported Employment, and Supported Living Services.

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