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What is the...... SMART Tech Resource Center and Drop-In Lounge?

Located at the PA Inclusive headquarters in Pittston, The SMART Tech Resource Center will be designed as a place where people with disabilities can ‘drop in’ to seek short term socialization and assistance in a multitude of areas of support. These areas could include assistance finding and applying for jobs online, writing and updating resumes, searching for apartments and related subsidized programs, applying for food bank assistance, along with a multitude of other services. The center will also function as an advocacy hub, where participants can seek help from PA staff in areas of need, where small group meetings can be held, and where small group social nights can occur. The Center model allows PA staff to fully customize services to the needs of the individual, promoting a more authentic experience through natural supports. Additionally, the Center will be available for use by the general public, creating an inclusive environment where people with disabilities and people without disabilities can work, learn, and socialize together.

The SMART Tech Resource Center will be designed as a place where people with disabilities can learn how SMART Technology can enhance their ability to live inclusively and independently in the community. An explosion of new smart home automation devices promises to make it possible for individuals with disabilities to have greater independence, control over their own lives, and to participate in and contribute more fully in activities at home, work, school and in the community. These devices are “generic”, which means that they can be purchased “off-the-shelf’ from all the major sellers and used “as is.” This often makes them more affordable and easier-to-use.

Generic “smart home” devices can do such things as turn on/off lights and fans, change channels on the television, identify who’s at the door and allow entry, establish security systems, dial 911 in case of emergency, control thermostats, raise and lower shades, and more! In some cases, it may communicate with a SMART Watch to monitor seizures and other medical conditions.

The Smart Tech Resource Center will feature a variety of integrated smart technology devices that will be integrated together to showcase how smart technology works to help people navigate their own homes. Devices such as Alexa/Google Home will serve as the ‘brains’ of the center and will voice activate other devices, such as lights, TV’s, doorbells, cameras, and alarms. They will also serve as calendar reminders, schedules, and medication logs.

PA Inclusive, in conjunction with our five Autism Collaborative Centers of Excellence (ACCE) partners, will be hosting a free webinar entitled Smart Technology for Everyday Life on Wednesday, Nov. 24, at 10 a.m. Technology Expert Kirby Smith, of SunKirb LLC, will present this informative and enlightening webinar on how to use basic and affordable Smart Technology to help people with disabilities and their families live a more independent and inclusive life.

Powered by a grant from AllOne Foundation, the webinar will be presented by the following ACCE Hubs: Hazleton Autism Family Support Hub, East Stroudsburg University, Hope Enterprises, Williamsport, Misericordia University, and the University of Scranton.

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