Turn To Us

Our Mission and Story

When someone is overwhelmed with an autism diagnosis and thinks, “I don’t know where to turn for help,” we want them to turn to us.

Turn To Us, a 501c(3) organization serving Carbon County and Northeast PA.

The mission of Turn To Us is to advocate for individuals and their families who are living with autism by offering personalized assistance and connection to available resources in a compassionate and hopeful environment. We feel no one deserves to fall through the cracks.  When a parent is overwhelmed with a diagnosis and thinks, “I don’t know where to turn for help,” we want them to turn to us.

Turn To Us was founded in March 2015 with the mission to advocate for individuals with major or chronic illnesses. The doors to our office opened in July 2015 and we moved to a larger space in September 2016. In 2020, we moved to our permanent location in Nesquehoning. During COVID, we evaluated our programs and determined in order to serve the county’s needs to the best of our ability we had to pivot and focus down on the areas of greatest need – autism support.

In 2022, the Board of Directors recognized we took the program as far as we could and needed to merge with a larger organization in order to reach the mission and sensory gym’s full potential.

From researching “How To Start a Nonprofit” to where we are today has been a miracle and blessing. Our programming is client-driven: we see a need, and we address that need.

We did not do this alone! Our mission was very well received because autism impacts so many.  The outpouring of community support is astonishing. We are growing every day – both in client referrals and donations.

We are excited to bring PA Inclusive’s programs down to Carbon County AND expand our Spectrum Sensory Gym into their service areas.

For more information visit www.painclusive.org

Turn To Us

46 West Catawissa Street Nesquehoning, PA 18240