Work Inclusive

We believe people with disabilities should make the same wage as everyone else and that a job is an important part of an inclusive life. To that end, we strive to find unique and sustainable jobs, customizable employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities for people with disabilities so that they can be contributing members of their community.

Job Finding and Job Coaching focus on helping you find the job you want and then help you to be successful on the job.

Job Shadowing allows the participant to observe various jobs in order to determine what type of job interests them. Our staff accompanies the participant to these jobs and helps explain the job tasks to help the participant understand all that goes into the job. This can be done prior to Work Based Learning Experience so that you are more comfortable with the type of job you want to pursue in the future.

Paid Work Experience helps you determine the type of work you would like to pursue and we find a location that fits your needs and schedule. Under the supervision of a Job Coach, you perform the work for up to 90 hours to complete the WBLE. Sometimes a WBLE can lead to a permanent job with the employer after the 90 hour WBLE is completed. Additional WBLEs can be offered (one per school year) and sometimes additional job finding can occur after the WBLE is completed.

Community Based Work Assessments provide an assessment of your skills and abilities to perform various types of work. We begin with a discussion of the types of jobs you would like to possibly pursue and have you perform 3 or 4 of these types of jobs for approximately 4-5 hours each. While performing the jobs, we are observing your skills and abilities. A full assessment report is provided to OVR based on our findings. In most cases, this leads to additional employment services authorized based on your interested and abilities.

Discovery and Customized Employment

Discovery is an alternative vocational assessment that provides information needed to determine the strengths, conditions for success, and interests of the person. The outcome of Discovery is a customized profile of the person that represents the best qualities and qualifications of the person to help in the job seeking process. It differs from traditional vocational assessments in that it uses positive descriptive language and shows relevant skills, conditions for success, and interests of the job seeker. This “person-centered” approach leads to Customizable Employment for the person with a disability.

Our staff are certified in Discovery by Marc Gold & Associates, who are nationally known for training and delivery in Discovery Profiles and Customizable Employment.

PA Inclusive currently serves Luzerne, Lackawanna, Wyoming, Monroe, Carbon, Berks, and Columbia Counties.

Discovery is the first step for those who have thought in the past that employment isn’t an option. It leads to job finding and job support in a different way than traditional employment. Let us help you achieve your dream of employment and support you living inclusively in the community.

Supported Employment is also available for those who do not qualify for OVR employment services or are discharged from OVR, as long as the client has an ID Waiver.